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Meet Gabby

Life is a journey not a destination

Hello and thank you so very much for visiting my site. I am so happy to have you here!

I want to introduce myself so you can get a chance to know me a little more. I am first and foremost a wife to my wonderful husband and have a beautiful 1 year old son, who I am constantly learning from. I am blessed to be able to stay home as a mommy while still pursuing my passions for helping others achieve optimal health and wellness in their own life. I am a Christ follower, runner, Boston Marathon qualifier, triathlete, foodie, peanut butter lover, and open to all new adventures that come my way.

I knew right out of high school I wanted to go the nutrition route but on the more holistic side. After getting married at 19 (young love!) I worked customer service jobs while pursuing my nutrition coaching certification through the College of Natural Healing. I completed my online schooling and received my Certification as a nutrition coach in November of 2015 where I then began my own business known as Rooted In Health (more on how I chose the name later). One of my now closest friends ended up meeting me through a running club and introduced me to a global health and wellness company that I have been partnered with since December of 2015. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity that was given to me through this company, Isagenix, and the freedom from physical and financial pain it has provided my family. I have been able to coach countless people on how to use this in their daily life just like I do. I believe in quality food, from no compromise ingredients, that are convenient and affordable and I can 100% say I’ve found that now.

My passion is to help people find enjoyment in living out a healthy lifestyle that ultimately works for their way of living. Struggles arise in everyone’s life, which is why I desire to help them become more Rooted In Health. Learning how to let the hard times shape and mold them will cause the roots to grow deeper making that individual stronger next time. I truly believe that we were created by God to do GREAT things here on this earth, which is why I desire to take care of the temple (body) He has given us to share our gifts and talents with the world. As it says in Ephesians 2:10 “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” I have a huge passion as a mom and wife to empower woman that they can make time to take care for themselves amidst the constant state of giving we do for everyone else daily. When we take time to move our bodies, fuel it with wholesome nutrition, and strive to have a beautiful state of mind then we are better equipped to take on life's daily tasks and obstacles that come our way. It’s a lifestyle...not short term, and not a quick fix.

Now, I have always been one who loved being active. I was in all different sports growing up and eventually fell in love with just running and pushing myself to achieve the next biggest thing. I shortly got into resistance training after getting married and started out as a basement workout junkie with YouTube videos and anything I could get my hands on. Soon, I started working at the YMCA as a group exercise instructor and grew to LOVE helping people of all ages move their bodies. I attended trainings and events and eventually decided that I wanted to sit for the Personal Training Exam so I could have more freedom with my passion for fitness. I passed my ACE Personal Training Exam in June of 2017 and am now a certified PT.

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