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Learn, Grow, Learn, GROW

If you were to look at "Gabby" only 2 short years ago she would look completely different. Her actions, her words, and her thinking were all different but not in a bad way.

I am SO thankful for the opportunities that have presented themselves to me but those wouldn't have become a reality for me if I didn't say YES! Let me just say that my world has been opened up to what I never dreamed possible. I knew being bound by 4 walls and an office chair was not for me. I would literally be so BORED and where are my hour by hour clock watchers?!?! And, oh, don't forget to space out your snacks so you at least have something to look forward to. I would go on walks for my break time because I was stir crazy and needed fresh air. In my gut I had this feeling that there was something better for me out there but how did I know what it was going to be and when that would happen?

What felt like eternity in that world was in realty only a short season of my life. I finished up my nutrition coaching certification, eventually got certified as a Personal Trainer, and am the business owner of Rooted In Health. Did I know what being a "good" business owner looked like? Um, no! But I was determined that this was the route for me and I was going to figure it out. Along my journey my world was opened up to, what I didn't really know was it at the time, the Professional Network Marketing Field. I knew I wanted to make money, and be super healthy with this global health and wellness company but it was kind of out of my element at first.

All of a sudden a friend said she'd pay for me to get to my first event because she knew the value of going to them. I talked with my husband and as crazy as it sounded to go with people I barely knew and travel from WI to TX to go to some giant event with 6,000 people to learn about...well I didn't really know but the best part about this story is that I had faith and said YES! Here is where my learning and growing journey really took off!

Since January of 2015 I have been to every single event I could get to and when I couldn't attend one from home due to my newborn I tuned in live and spent my time from home soaking it all up. I will continue to go to these because this is why I am different today! I have a new found love for learning and growing and being out of my comfort zone often. I all of a sudden was experiencing things I never knew I could, meeting amazing people, and being in a room filled with millionaires. I was thinking, man, they are out of my league and I can't believe this is my reality. Soon old patterns, habits, and thoughts began to be questioned and I realized they were garbage and all lies. I can become anyone I want and achieve anything I dream if I set my mind to it. Being rich isn't a bad thing, being a successful business owner can happen ( but not overnight ), you can change lives in a BIG way, and your dreams DO matter! It was like everything my spirit was yearning for had found it's soulmate.

I learn and grow every day now! I seek it out. I no longer listen to music for background noise or when working out ( well, just not as much ) and I now fill my brain with podcasts, Facebook Lives, and videos. I read all sorts of articles, blogs, and books. I am plugged into communities of like-minded entrepreneurs who are hungry for more!

How long are you going to sit there and let life pass you by? Why are you stuck in old ways of thinking or constantly shutting down your dreams bc you were told those are crazy and that you will never achieve them? Why are you choosing to believe that and who gave them the right to tell you that anyway?

I am thankful for new opportunities and I pray that you can learn to start saying "YES" to what might seem like the most scariest thing in your life because it means a change is coming! How will you grow more? It's simple....start saying yes, start learning, and watch yourself bloom!

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