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***My Recovery Story***

My journey to restoring true health
I share my very personal journey because I feel God has called me to not hide it. I seek to encourage and bring light to an area many women feel alone in. It is my job now to help other women on their journey to what a well balanced, healthy, and active life looks like for them.


These last 4 months seemed like ages! I actually thought it would take me longer, so I was pleasantly surprised. What I've come to realize over the years is that God's timing is always best and He has always proven himself faithful. I grow stronger from my trials, they don't weigh me down. Now, please understand that if I were to do my past all over again,I totally would, but I would have done it smarter which you will understand how later. Also, know that this is how my personal body responded to the things I put it through therefore it’s not to say it will happen to you but I am now aware of how common it is in our world today for women to suffer with what is known as Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. Basically the nuts and bolts of it is, a women who over-exercises, under-eats, and has high levels of stress is very likely to lose her period. Note for the guys: You all know it’s a part of the female body so don’t think it’s weird for me to talk about it. This may help you in the future if you see your significant other struggling with something like this so feel free to keep reading. It can be for you too. ;) I never considered myself to be that kind of gal really, but when I faced the reality of it and talked it through with my husband I soon realized that, that all basically summed up my life all of last year. But here’s the kicker, I haven’t had a normal period in 5.5 years!! Yep, since basically I was 19. I had a semi normal cycle on the pill but that doesn’t count in my book. You’ll hear more about this as you continue reading. Once I got clear on the fact that it was me who had to change if we wanted more children I then had to figure out what to do. I ended up posting in some mom’s group and someone referred me to a support group and a book called “No Period, Now What”. I was floored when I got added to the group at the number of women in it, I was even more taken away after I had gotten the book and read through it. Women of all different backgrounds, eating disorders, addictions, unhealthy habits, etc. It sure opened my eyes. I am first of all so incredibly thankful for all of you beautiful souls in a support group and for the woman who created this safe space for us to share some deep dark stuff. I had to learn to face the truth and stop denying it. So here is my back story:

How it all started:

I was pretty active in my growing up life and in sports. I played a variety of sports, did lots of chores around home, I had many siblings to help take care of but my period was normal. I always had self esteem issues and was conscious about what I ate but bc I still lived at home I wasn't fully in control of my diet and what was served to me. I slowly gained a love for running in my junior and senior year of highschool and then it became a passion that turned into 5k’s and half marathons. I got married at 19 and knew I didn't want to have children right away so I did what I thought everyone did and that was get on the pill. Looking back I regret it but I can't change the past. Now, I would never take anything that would screw with my hormones. I started the pill in November 2012, got married in January 2013, and then my whole world changed. I was able to be in control of it all! My grocery shopping choices, my exercise, everything! I fell in love with weight training and started a 21 day fix extreme program, still ran, and ate less. I still gave myself treats and allowed myself to feel like I still ate what I wanted but being honest I just punished myself with feeling guilty and having to sweat it off the following day. So basically once I started on the pill I then shortly after began increasing my exercise, and lessening what I ate. ( all unknowingly how it was affecting my hormones and such)