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Bake Sourdough With Me!

My sourdough journey began back in February 2020. My Mom learned from a lady at her church and shared the recipe and her starter with me, and from there I took off and ran with it. Little did I know it would be the most nourishing and healing way to spend time in my kitchen during such a year as that. My hope is to always encourage others to find value in cooking nourishing foods in their kitchen while enjoying the journey.

"I've never seen you eat so much bread since we've been married!" says my husband of 8 years.

Intro to Sourdough

First off...There is no right or wrong way to bake sourdough. Even though there are many methods out there, it really is quite simple. You just have to find what works best for you! When it comes down to it, all it entails is water, flour, and a little salt, but it has the potential to transform into something so tasty and nourishing. It’s up to you what flours you bake with, how sour you want it, the amount of hydration you want the dough to have, and so much more. It does require some planning, technique, and patience if I’m being honest, but it will come easier over time as you continue to bake and it is SO WORTH IT! No one size fits all here, that’s the beauty of it. I hope that by sharing my passion with you it will inspire you to get started on your own sourdough journey. With that said, I will share some of my approaches and techniques, some scheduling options, equipment needed, resources you can use, and much more.

What Is Sourdough Exactly?

And the golden question - can you make it gluten free?

Sourdough is basically a slow-fermented bread. No yeast and no magic ingredient...just flour, salt, and water with a live fermented culture - your starter. The reason why so many people who are gluten free are ok with or tolerate eating sourdough is because of the slow fermentation process, it breaks down a lot of the proteins and enzymes that are in the wheat. Baking your sourdough with Einkorn Flour gives you an even more almost gluten free option if you would l