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We Are Our Own Worst Critic, WHY?

I never had so many "Ah-ha" moments in my life! Seriously, it's like a light-bulb goes on every day, multiple times a day, in my brain. I now see opportunities, failure, success, money, relationships, work, and life in general with a whole new set of eyes. It was like someone gave me a a fresh pair of specs that showed me everything I was missing. Is this all real, what I am seeing? "You better believe it sista!", my brain said.

As I have been diving deeper and deeper into self development over these past 2 years my mind has been opened up to a whole new way of thinking. One of them being how we view ourselves and how powerful of an impact that has on our day to day living. Think about it...Who do you have the most conversations with on a day to day basis? Keep thinking...Ok, I'll tell you. It's Yourself! BOOM, mind blown I know ;)

So if that's the case then why the heck are we speaking so ill of ourselves constantly? If you were to talk to your spouse, BFF, co-worker, mom, or dog the way to talk to yourself then those relationships would probably suck and they would be miserable. Why? Think about how often you actually tell yourself how fricken awesome you are! Like never, right? Why not?

Why don't we wake up every morning and think about how amazing we feel after a good night's rest and look in the mirror saying "Ok, (insert your name) we've got this", or "Good-morning good lookin'", or "I feel so beautiful in this outfit I am going to show it off today!" Instead we criticize every nook and cranny on ourselves, we are like sloths as we roll out of bed, and it's like we just don't show up for ourselves. Would you ever not show up for your friends, mom, or even your dog? Of course not! So why do we not owe it to ourselves enough to SHOW UP for ourselves EVERY DAY?!?!

Start viewing failure as a means of growth and a learning opportunity. When you didn't get the job you interviewed for don't assume you suck at life and that you'll never get a job. Ha, not with that attitude you won't! What your vibe in life is, is what you end up attracting. Be so thankful for all your relationships and how they make you feel, tell yourself how amazing you are for creating such a masterpiece of art, remind yourself daily how incredibly smart you are and where that has taken you in life, and lastly remind yourself that you are worth it and that you love your whole entire entity as a human being ( imperfections and all! ). You're battles in life are what make you, you! Life without resistance would be boring, so stop letting resistance stop you from living your ideal life.

It all comes down to self-love and self-acceptance. Am I saying that you just have to settle for less and love every mistake and every choice you make? No, but don't get caught up in being your own #1 critic 24/7 or that will only keep you believing the lies that you are never good enough. Just start working on speaking a truth to combat the lie that enters your ASAP! Write out what you will say when the thought, "I look so ugly in these jeans" comes or "Man, if only I could land a job like Bob." or "I suck at running, I'll never be fast enough"

What you should say in response it, "These jeans fit me perfectly and I feel so alive when I get to wear them!" " There is the perfect job waiting for me to show up and I am going to find it in due time, don't give up." I run because it fills me with energy and I am so blessed to move my body every day!"

Always focus on the positive and watch your world change right before your eyes! You will begin to attract a whole new world to you, just wait and see.

Blessings of health and happiness,


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